The Caregivers

The caregivers at Harmony have accreditation from legal organization. They are learned on geriatric care, health, hygiene and on the special medical condition of the enrolled member and can handle any possible situation and problems that the member might face.

But, more importantly, we also give special trainings for emotional support that the residents require. Old people tend to get anxious and irritated easily, specially with their medical condition. Our caregivers and nurses are well versed with such situation and can tackle them with love and respect.

The caregivers job is most important and critical at the facility; they need to give their undivided attention to the resident and need to be fully alert at all times. Therefore, we alternate suitable shifts for them to be alert and active. The caregivers are also well versed with the member’s body language and indirect communication so that they understand well in advance the requirement of the elderly and can easily figure out if they are getting anxious, irritated or going through some health issue.

This is important as the members may be have problem with speech due to their illness or also in cases\ where they themselves cannot figure out about their discomfort or problems to communicate it properly. It is a kind of sixth sense that caregivers use where they figure out the problem well before it may have caused.

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