Senior Care Solution in Nepal

When we say old people, we immediately picture a person with white hair, drooping or standing with a stick. There is a sense of fragility, we know that they cannot be on their own and that they need regular and special care. Can the family members provide that kind of care? Probably, probably not. In cases where the family members cannot give time to the adult member or are engaged in other responsibilities, their care might be compromised. Therefore, we envisioned a Care Home where these adults can have specialized care and the family members have nothing to worry about.

Our Care Home provides complete care. More so, for people with persisting, long-term illness or progressive disease. The members at Harmony Home Care get a home-like care aided with specialized medical and dietary requirement/nutrition. The family members are at complete assurance and have a restriction-free visiting hours for them to spend time with their loved ones.

Another advantageous aspect of a Care Home provides them with friends and a community. As there are people with same maturity level in similar situation and similar limitations, they are likely to bond better. This helps with the mental health and well-being as they can indulge in similar activities and share their feelings that the other person can understand and empathize to.

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