Our Amenities

The main objective of the Care Home is to create an environment for the residents which is comfortable, safe and happy. We also believe that the care we provide should not be privileged and therefore is affordable to almost everyone.

There are caregivers and assistants who are at disposal of the residents throughout the day. These caregivers are trained to combat any situation that the resident member may face and proactively respond to the same. Residents are given timely medicine, assisted with daily walking and/or wheelchair. The safety and security of the member is fully taken care of. Daily chores, grooming, mobility, exercises, physiotherapy, medical treatment and recreational activities are timely routined.

Dietary requirement are specially taken care of at dietician and nutritionists recommendation and followed by dining staff members. Those who are able to, enjoy their meals at the common dining hall with others while those who need assistance are helped with each meal by the caretakers.

Each member has a fully furnished room and space that is designed for their comfort and ease like beddings and easily accessible latrine/bathroom. There is a choice for single or double occupancy as per the requirement of the resident and their health condition. Laundry and House-keeping services are also provided on a routine basis. Hygiene and cleanliness is given utmost attention as old people are more sensitive to allergies and infection.

Each of our staff and assistants have a special bond with the resident member. They understand their day to day need and help them like a family member. Along with the caretakers and residents, it is like a family who partake in each activity together, helping each other.

We have an in-house doctor and other medical specialists who are well aware of the health situation of the residents and their day to day requirement. Along with that, regular physiotherapy service is also provided at the facility which is must for old people.

We provide special care for people with critical diseases like Dementia, Alzheimers, etc. There are reliable and recognized hospitals within walking distance of the facility along with prompt ambulance service. We also have a tie-up with pathology labs for all kind of tests ensuring quick, reliable and efficient service. The hospitals have the medical record and details of each residents so that there the treatment is efficient and there is no delay in case of an emergency.