Home Nursing Service

It is true that there is no place like home. So, when a family member falls ill, it is difficult for both the patient and other family members to be away from home; whether it the hospital or any other facility. It is already difficult for the patient with severe illness to battle the physical problems, being far away from the family and secluded to a new place is even more difficult. With only the illness to think about all day long could do more harm than benefit to the patient.

People also need the support of the family members to heal soon. Therefore, Harmony Care Home also provides special Nursing service and provide hospital like nursing facility at home. The Care Home provides customized services according the patient’s condition and requirement. Hospital-like care is provided to ensure faster recovery whilst being with your family members.  

The family can be with the patient and take care of them in their own way without any restriction and at the same time, they could also have specialized services to ensure that the patient is well treated. A family can avail the service on hourly basis or shift basis. Our health-care specialists are trained and accomplished on treating the particular condition of the patient, they would be there for the patient throughout the availed period and the family need not worry about anything.

If the patient is to of town and needs to be in the city for healthcare, we also provide airport pickup and full care during the tenure of treatment. Our services can be booked and availed online, therefore there is no hassle at the patients end.

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