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1. What is Harmony Homecare ?
a. Harmony Home care is a senior care service provider in Kathmandu for those who need physical, mental, and health related care assistance

2. Who is it managed by?
a. It is managed by group of healthcare provider such registered nurse, doctors and other professionals.

3. What are the services you offer?
a. We offer three levels of services.
1. Live in Home Care service (24 hrs.)
2. Day Care (day care in our home)
3. Home services (services at customer’s home)

4. What are the charges for the full time live in services?
a. Charges vary on the required services and needs. We evaluate each case and offer the best possible rates. Please check with customer service.

5. How much is for a day care?
a. We offer three type of day care. (A) Daily rate, Rs.1,000 US$10), (B) Weekly rate Rs.5,000.00 (US$50), (C) Monthly rate Rs. 20,000.00 US$200).

6. What is included in the Day care?
a. Morning pick up and drop off, with breakfast, lunch and snacks, tea, juice etc… personal care such as shower, bath, if needed with all activities.

7. Will the rate change if we drop off and pick up on our own?
a. Yes

8. What is Home Service?
a. Our Nurse or nurse aid comes to your home to offer the required services. This may include personal care, medical care and house hold chores.

9. What are the rates?
a. Rates varies on the need of the care, please consult with our customer support team.

10. Do you have services on call basis?
a. Yes, we do, but we prefer a day advance notice… please

11. What about medical emergencies?
a. We are fully prepared for emergency situation; we have a contract with nearby hospitals, physician on demand.

12. Is the cost of emergencies included in the cost?
a. No, Cost will be borne by the patience

13. What are your operating hours?
a. Our office hour is 9-5,

14. What are the visiting hours?
a. There is no restriction on visits, but advance notice is required.

15. Is the deposit required?
a. Yes,

16. Is there is tax or an additional service charge?
a. NO

17. What is other facility is offered?
a. We have physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Lab investigation…