Harmony Care Home is a care-oriented service for senior citizens.

We specialize on geriatric care and enroll limited number of residents for full attention and home-like care.

We have a limited aspect of the actual medical treatment unlike a nursing home where treatment is the key.  Instead, we emphasize more on assistance in activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, toilet and changing clothes, as well as recreational activities for the particular age group.

We are not the typical old age home which is just a shelter for old people where mainly only lodging and food is looked after. We go above and beyond to make sure that anyone staying at Harmony is happy to be here.

Hear what our founder Rosha Shrestha has to say about the vision behind Harmony and the perks of living here.

Our Work

We specialize in different kinds of geriatric care. These range from taking full responsibility of senior citizens to campaigning for their better care at the government level.

Social Support System

Social Support System

Old age is the time when people feel most lonely. We make sure that our residents always feel loved and cared for.

24x7 care

24×7 care

We provide 24*7 care with attendant at disposal at any hour. Temple visit, singing, cultural events, yoga, meditation sessions are planned frequently.

Social Dialogue

Social Dialogue

We organize Roundtable Discussions, Interaction Programs and Seminars on different social issues, especially related to senior care.




Resident Capacity


Full-time caretakers



What We Believe

It is true that there is no place like home. So, when a family member falls ill, it is difficult for both the patient and other family members to be away from home; whether it the hospital or any other facility.

It is already difficult for the patient with severe illness to battle the physical problems, being far away from the family and secluded to a new place is even more difficult. With only the illness to think about all day long could do more harm than benefit to the

  • The care we provide should not be privileged and therefore should be affordable to almost everyone
  • Senior citizens need their own space and should not be crowded together in small space.
  • People with critical diseases like Dementia, Alzheimers, etc. need special care.
  • Caregivers need special trainings for emotional support that the residents require.
  • It is not unethical to give the best care to your parents if there is a better option than home. Sometimes, home might not be the best place.
  • Anyone who wants to be cared for should have a place to go where they can live with dignity.

Our Current Projects

Home Nursing Service

Specialized health care at the comfort of your home

Full-time residency

Safe haven for your loved ones with round-the-clock 24×7 care.

Social Change

If you are living abroad, now you have a place where your parents will be taken care of.